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Penang Indoor Shopping Mall Hunt

  • PART1- Indoor Shopping Mall Hunt Teambuilding

Our Penang Shopping Malls Hunt focuses on the interlinked shopping centre of Georgetown – The Komtar and its connected buildings. The interlinked buildings to Komtar include 1st Avenue Mall, Prangin Mall, Komtar Walk, Komtar ICT Mall and Tech Dome Penang. Together as a whole, this location provides great entertainment with varieties of shops and kiosks with fun and interactive activities for you, not forgetting it is totally indoor and air-conditioned. We aim to bring about a different concept of approach this time to those who prefer a more conducive environment. Nevertheless, allow us to enlighten you with this brand new package for team-building at this perfect location!

Amusement Park
The Top of Komtar gives you a brand new exposure towards amusement parks! It is the highest amusement park of Penang, roughly 800 feet above ground with jaw-dropping 360 degrees view of the whole island, buffering your body with adrenaline. The Top consists of promising amusement to all, forgetting the generation gaps of old and young, some of those are the Skywalk, Jurassic Research Centre and 7D Discovery Motion Theatre.

Science Games
Challenge yourself to science! Knowledge brings about togetherness of minds. Wonder how? As ideas are being exchanged, communication among colleagues and partners at work can be amazingly improved. With fun and interactive activities kept along the updated latest syllabus aspired by the state government, you may get a feel of how the young kids learn in today’s generation, with the assistance of modern gadgets and innovations.

Food Hunt
Missing and craving Penang’s Char Koay Teow? Fear not! This enhanced package provides you the chance to cook your very own Char Koay Teow at Market Street with guidance. A golden exposure like never before, from hands-on at the chopping board to frying at the wok all in a goal to fill your tummy up.

Learn Cultural Handicraft
Penang has always stood firm as the hub of cultural boom. With cultural traditions being the symbolic pride of Penang, it is definitely an honour to learn the rich and meaningful cultural handicrafts of Penang. Gratefully, the youths of Penang with the passionate drive to learn from the older generation have conserved such beauty of Penang, in which they convey their rich culture to others who venture.

Origami Exercise
Origami has been shown to develop patience, temporal spatial skills, sequencing and attention skills in individuals. Such skills are important for work place application. With so many pros than cons of origami, we are eager to let our dear clients experience the goodness and benefits of folding origami. Our origami exercise is Penang-oriented with folding of local themes – fruits, food or landmarks.

Shopping Race
A race like never before. It’s a dream-come-true to shopaholics as it is an official game-turned shopping chance with colleagues and mates. Team up and build strong teamwork to outtake the other teams on races with budget scenarios or other amazing themes that await you.

Penang Souvenirs
What’s a visit to Penang without returning with a souvenir? It’s your last stop and also the chance to bring a piece of Penang back home with you. Thanks to local artists and industries for producing awesome knick-knacks for everyone, families and friends are able to cherish these wonderful souvenirs. May the unforgettable memories made in Penang be kept forever with you!



The afternoon session is an indoor programme that incorporates classroom teambuilding activities that cover teamwork assessment, team weaknesses, team development as well as resolving team conflict and building a winning team. The afternoon session will involve teamwork simulation; promote team synergy; attempt to balance individual problems and differences; incorporate team conflict management and share an insight on the Tuckman’s Team Development model.

Participants will benefit from this workshop in terms of acquiring leadership skills, sharpening their time management skills, improving communication skills, and gaining ability to construct team strategies and delegation. Participants will also learn to trust their team mates and to be motivated to succeed.


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